Doing our own favor

I heard today that when we create and form out Mediums, they then in turn create and form us.

Why is it that we as human beings have become dominated by the inanimate concepts that we formulate in our minds.  As an artists this throws my mind into turmoil.  I feel like throwing up because I can not find the words to describe this thought that is, in words, somewhat sophisticated, but in mind very simple.

When I look at cans of paint, at the canvas, the concept, the pens, pencils, and the chemicals that make up the compounds I will use to create.  They are nothing more than unused potential that I have purchased.  Once the product I invision is laid down upon the surface I then am able to rest and analyze what my mind (me) has created.  When has it been defined that this inanimate surface will eventual define me and my actions?  Who has instated this thought?

The idea that this piece then forms my culture causes my insides to come up and lay upon the floor. A canvas will never begin to  define and let others understand who I am.  It will never tell me subconsciously that I am something.

God has created me and has given me this definition.  But why is it that time after time we are constantly trying to do Him a favor give him this.  In the same note why are we constantly trying to form to a culture, and not form the culture into what He has made it to originally be?

Pay no attention to my inconsistant ramblings.  This may make no sense to you, but some of you who care to dissect and map out my own thoughts… I say good luck.

Hopefully I will make this a very consistant thing.


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