As the buildings fall. I regret to inform you that I’ve told you so.

The subject matter in our destroying medium some how justifies the ends.
Leave the building crippled and barely standing with paint and glues.
Coated in a film of mess.
Making it beautiful when the dust finally rises as the bricks hit the ground.
Damaging the pavement that it once occupied.
Through the streets they run from the cloud, that engulfs the physical, and leaves its mark.
Being inhaled into lung, causing so many to choke.
Eyes watering and sinuses oozing with water and snot.
Watch it fall, as the cameras record.
Hit replay and cringe as the medium of our destruction hits.
Let the filler stand for the validity of my text.
And question my words.
Question them.
And let the leaders of our world know of how sharp words are.